digiOPTIX Gestured Controlled Smart Glasses

Thank you for your purchase of the digiOPTIX Motus Model Smart Glasses.

At Digioptix, we believe one of the most important factors of choosing a product is quality. Every digiOPTIX device is put through rigorous tests made to inspect quality, durability and other factors ensuring it meets our standards as well as your own. Our dedicated attention to a quality product further reduces the probability of having defective equipment; however, we are aware that errors do occur and take the discretion of examining returned products to help ensure we can identify issues and make the best product available.

We hope you have quality experience but like everything with technology problems happen. We’re aware that something new like gesture controlled smart glasses may present their own unique problems from time to time. Let’s talk about the three main questions we’ve received so far for the digiOPTIX Motus Smart Glasses.

My sensor isn’t working! Why?

The most common question, with two possible solutions – Always remember to swipe with your hand close to the sensor and at a steady speed that isn’t too fast. Additionally, a low battery can affect the sensor’s reliability in picking up motion effectively. As a final though, make sure the sensor button is turned to the ON position when using your digiOPTIX Motus. Leaving the sensor on full time will also drain your battery, which also affects the functionality of it.

The webcam feature is confusing. How does it work again?

While not as obvious as the function buttons located on the side band, the webcam is an interesting feature that can be used in a couple different ways. To activate the webcam feature, simply connect your glasses with the supplied USB cord to your computer. Tap the power button near the front of the band twice – This allows the computer to identity your smart glasses as a camera device.

What do the LED colors mean? It’s blinking!

You might be wondering what each LED light stands for on the indicator next to the camera. Here’s a visual guide of each color’s purpose.

Green – On Active – Flashing – Recording Video

Blue/Red – Flashing – Searching for Bluetooth

Blue – Connected to Bluetooth

Red – Connected to Charger

What is digiOPTIX, anyway?
DigiOPTIX is a wearable technology device that acts as an extension of your smartphone to perform a set of simple tasks. It resembles a pair of glasses or a headset.

What does it do? (Function)

  • Captures photos and videos wherever you are.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 accepts phone calls, plays music, and voice GPS navigation.
  • PC camera: digiOPTIX can work as a Webcam.
  • Works as USB memory


What do I need to do to make it work?

Press the start button on the machine, to take pictures, videos, or listen to music by using the Gesture Control system.

Is it compatible with an android or Iphone?
digiOPTIX is compatible with all IOS and Android systems.

Who is digiOPTIX for?
Right now, digiOPTIX is intended for men and women. The glasses are designed for the activities like hunting, fishing, big sport game, teaching, cooking, researching, and so on.


Which colors and styles does it come in?
It has various colors and styles. It comes in different varieties for everyday business-ware, casual-ware and sports-ware.

Is the screen the same as Google glasses?
No, the crystal part is the light indicator on the digiOPTIX Glasses.

What’s the video and camera resolution?
There are two resolutions type for each model. They are 720P30-60 and 1080P30-60.

How do you control digiOPTIX Glasses?
Press the video button in front of the glasses and the glasses start to record with the light flashing. Press the video button again to stop recording.  Press the camera button, and the glasses start to take pictures. You can also use the Gesture control button to take pictures and videos, listen to music as well.

What type of quality is the device?
Made of titanium and plastic, the digiOPTIX Glasses frame adjusts by hard bending, thus being sturdy.

Is it waterproof?
Definitely not!  “Don’t let the digiOPTIX Glasses device or battery come in contact with liquids. Liquids can get into the electronic components, leading to corrosion.”

What is the battery life like?
Battery life will last a full day, unless you use more-draining features.  You can use the battery necklace to charge it when you are using your digiOPTIX device.  Battery capacity of the device is 460mA, the necklace battery size is 1200 mA.

How much storage do you get?
digiOPTIX Glasses has various storage size. digiOPTIX comes with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB of internal storage.

Is digiOPTIX Glasses heavier than regular glasses?
digiOPTIX Glasses weighs a little bit, which can be lighter or heavier than your usual frames, depending on their build.

How do you reboot it?
Easy: just press the circular power button to turn the device on and off. To initiate a hard reboot, press and hold the power button for 15 seconds.

How long will it take to fully charge?

30mins – 1 hour

 What is the product warranty?

We will provide lifetime warranty for manufacturer defect.

Can we use it as a Webcam?

Does the camera zoom in and out?
It does not zoom, although it does have an auto wide focus area.

Does the video zoom in and out?
You can shoot 720p-1080 HD video through the camera lens.  It cannot zoom in and out, but has the auto wide focus area.

Can I take a picture while recording the video?

Is there some apps in the phone that can be use with digiOPTIX Glasses?
Not now, but we are designing it.

Can we input commands with using your voice?

What does it feel like?
If you’ve got it adjusted correctly, digiOPTIX Glasses feels more or less like wearing a regular pair of glasses.  The right side is notably heavier than the left.

Is it distracting?
No, absolutely not. It can free your hands to record whatever you like and talk through the phone.

Is using gesture sensation easy or cumbersome?
It’s really easy – and it is easy to learn the hand motions.

Can I use it while driving?
Yes, it’s a hands-free device.

Can you use it if you wear glasses?
Yes, we make frames that you can take to your eye doctor to make your own glasses.

What are they like as sunglasses?
We have certain styles for your sunglasses needs.

Do I need to worry about radio emissions?

Is digiOPTIX Glasses spying on you?

Will people know you could be photographing or recording them?
Yes, the light indicator will be on while it is photographing or recording.

How much will it cost to own a pair of digiOPTIX glasses?
Prices depend and vary upon styles and memory card features.


Hopefully, we were able to answer some general questions you might have toward the functioning of your digiOPTIX Smart Glasses. If further issues continue, before returning your glasses please visit us at www.digioptix.com, email us at support@digioptix.com or call our toll free support line at Toll Free 1-888-860-7788 to speak with a friendly sales associate who will walk you through steps of operation or go through some trouble shooting steps.