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Photos, video, phone calls, gesture control, music, video reminder, bluetooth, dash cam, file storage, polarized lens, prescription, PC Sync
4-5 hours battery life, answer phone calls/ listen to the music through Bluetooth, connect to your PC/ Laptop, Gesture control with just a few simple motion, Record HD 720p Video and take pictures, works as USB memory, storage up to 32GB
With DigiOptix smart glasses, you can record videos, take pictures and access your smartphone among many other things.
Truly define Gesture Control A simple tap or sweep on the lag to snap pictures, record videos, switch music and even adjust the volume entirely hands-free  Your smart glasses would let you know what’s happening. Build-in microphone & Bluetooth allow you to speak to the phone
Be your own designer to drive your passion with our interchangeable frames  DigiOptix cares about not only fashion but also your vision. You can make changes for your lenses whenever you need. Prescription friendlyBuild-in High Definition Camera, Record HD 720p videos, take high quality pictures  With the Gesture Control Unit, You are able to record every wonderful lifetime moment you see in the eye with a simple gesture to snap a picture or shoot a video
High Performance Camera Picture taking and HD Video recording. Capture your life moment and always delighting you
DigiOptix Motus Smart Glasses are compatible with IOS/Android. When you pair with your smartphone, these smart glasses have an indicator in front of your dominant eye allow you to make calls, take photos and videos, and use smartphone apps all without reaching for your smartphone. You can also adjust volume and switch songs with hands gesture. It has Built-in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB Storage Options.
  • Hand gesture control technology
  • 720p video, HD picture
  • Bluetooth compatible with iOS/Android
  • Interchangeable frame option
  • Make phone calls, plays music, and voice GPS navigation
  • Use as PC cam and USB drive
  • 8G, 16G, 32G storage option
How to use-
1. Turning On: Hold the Picture & ON/OFF Button for about 5 seconds until the light indicator turns to green.
2. Charging: Insert the smart glasses' connection cable into the USB/ Headset Port; Connect the charger and the smart glasses with the cable; the light indicator flashes light-orange.
3. Wearable smart glasses technology Gesture Functions- Taking Pictures: Swipe backward from front to back in front of the sensor; Recording Videos: Swipe forwards from back to front to start and stop recording. The indicator will flash green continuously. Swipe front to back to pause the recording; Making Phone Calls: swipe from afar and towards the smart gesture sensor. Swipe toward the sensor again to hang up the phone.


  • Captures photos and videos wherever you are.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 accepts phone calls, plays music, and voice GPS navigation. 
  • PC camera: DigiOptix can work as a Webcam.
  • Works as USB memory Power duration: 4-5 hours (Video), 10 hours (camera 1 photo/second), 6 hours (playing MP3).
  • Photo Storage: 60-200 photos/8Gb; Video Storage: 200-500min/8Gb.
  • Camera hardware resolution: 1.3Mpixels Recording Speed: 30-45 fps/ Reading Speed > 700kbs, write >500Kbs
 a. DigiOptix Wearable Smart Glasses;
 b. Bluetooth Headset;
 c. Silicon Ear Cushion Accessory;
 d. USB Charging Cable
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