DigiOptix Smart Glasses | Best Camera Glasses

DigiOptix Smart Glasses | Best Camera Glasses

Hey, Y'all! We are excited to introduce some dope things! Everyone wear glasses today. Who doesn’t? But have you ever thought your glasses can be SMARTER? 

Since from 2014, Google X team made it happen. After that, a new era for the wearable tech and virtual reality industries just got into their crazy prosperity. And DigiOptix is one of the Leading Brand in Smart Glasses Industry.

DigiOptix Leading in Smart Glasses Industry. You can shop DigiOptix on Walmart, Amazon and so many platforms.

WHAT IS DIGIOPTIX - A New Way To Capture Your Life

With DigiOptix, you are allowed to record videos or take pictures with the built-in HD cameras on your DigiOptix Smart Glasses. Let's forget about GoPro and any other kind of action cameras, and you don't even need a belt or a mount to "WEAR" an action camera. The HD action camera is on your glasses! Just record what you are witnessing!

Besides, DigiOptix Smart Glasses is a Bluetooth Glasses. Well, well, well... I don't think I need to even mention that how versatile these are when your DigiOptix pairing with your phone (OS/Andriod). Like enjoying the music, giving a phone call to your beloved one while driving, listening to the GPS navigation, etc.

Including interchangeable frame, function light indicator, integrated camera, gesture control unit, Bluetooth unit, PCBA, Prescription lens option and built-in battery up to 8 hours

What's more, did I mention that DigiOptix Smart Glasses feature a powerful gesture control function? Imagine this, you can simply change a song, adjust the volume or answer a phone call by touching the frame. Whenever you see a beautiful sunset by Santa Monica beach, wipe to capture the moment. Whenever you see something cute on your trip, wipe to record that. Whenever you are moved by the splendid view of the Rocky Mountain, don't forget to store that in your memory. Whenever you get to the top of the Empire State Building, wow, you get the shot using DigiOptix! By the way, you could easily install the DigiOptix smart device to your prescription eyewear. You won't lose your style while having a pair of DigiOptix Smart Glasses.These are the Best smart video camera ever!


A new way to Capture your Life

CAN DO MORE! - No matter what do you do with DigiOptix

DigiOptix is super popular with customers all over the world. No matter you were a businessman, an outdoors enthusiast, a student or a lab researcher, you will find how helpful DigiOptix is. 

Are you a businessman or a college researcher? You might need a pair of DigiOptix recording important meetings or seminars. If you are a cycling man, great, you might want to bring these to the most difficult mountain trail to record your adventure, like what you found in the Red Bull video. Even for some special event, like your cousins' wedding, your grandmother's birthday, or your best friends' graduation ceremony, don't forget to bring your DigiOptix!

Recording your lab process and the results



Help to perform better in your academic life



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