"Meet The New Technology"

DigiOptix provides smart wearable technology that gives you a new way to capture your life. With DigiOptix, you are able to take pictures or record 720p HD video with the built-in camera on your glasses. Integrated with smart gesture functions, Bluetooth, and interchangeable frames compatible with prescription eyewear.

A Multitasker

We live in a multitasking society. DigiOptix can assist you, even more, when it’s connected to the Bluetooth with your phone. Imagine what you can do. For example, listening to the morning news while driving and recording what you see simultaneously.

Gesture Control

A revolutionary new way to record videos, switch music and even adjust the volume entirely hands-free. With DigiOptix, your small actions always turn to significant changes.

“Don’t Sacrifice Style!”

Be your own designer to drive your passion with our interchangeable frames. Express yourself through your frames. DigiOptix cares about not only fashion but also your vision. You make changes for your lenses whenever you need and are prescription friendly.

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